Pluviophile: a lover of rain;someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.

I love the tip-tap pitter-patter, swishy-swashy sound. The noise makes my heart smile so profoundly.

I love looking out the window at water falling from the sky, and imagining myself dancing with the rain in my eyes.

I love dressing in my jacket with it tapping on my hood, I’d spend all day out in it, if I could.

I love hot tea in wet hands and soup from the thermos, I love the trees looking shiny as if they’ve been freshly glossed.

I know many, who will gasp and call me a freak, but give me puddles over sun-rays any day of the week.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against a little sun, I just find the mud and the drips and the drizzles  more fun!

Something so comforting about getting soaked, then getting dry and getting warm when you take off your coat.

If I could imagine my perfect day, I’d need nothing more than a walk in the rain.

tam in mud


The Life Poem.


Life’s easy.
It’s all about love and biscuits.

(And yoga, and cycling, and exploring, and kissing, and gin and tonics, and dancing by yourself, and late night baths, and early morning laughs, tight hugs and crawly bugs on your bare feet in the warm summer heat, rainbow hair, crying at something beautiful, and sunburn and singing and smiling at the squirrels, and laughing till your crying, nights of magic, mornings of tragic hangover heads, falling in love with strangers we will never meet again, meeting the person you never want to leave, squeezing their hand under the sheets, memories of grandmas lemon meringue, memories of campfires and songs we sang, smiling at the good times, keep keeping on through the bad, laugh at your own jokes just like your dad. Life is tough and easy and rough and sometimes sleazy…but mostly it’s just love and biscuits.)

image image

“Get some sunshine in your life, you gloomy little man!”


Somedays are outdoor days.

No make up, soaking wet jeans days.

Big jumpers and bare feet days.

Just smiles and no TV days. 

I like these days. A lot. Sometimes I get overwhelmingly thankful for my feet. Sometimes I feel like I could walk forever. (Granted, I have somedays when I don’t want to leave my bed!) I walked in the rain today and everything looked beautiful. I’ve been lazy lately, staying indoors, my enthusiasm waning, amazing how simply walking outside can flip your whole outlook on things. I guess sometimes we just need to be reminded of the beauty that can be found all around us. Even if its dark. Every cloud…..


Risk vs Risk – What’s your favourite biscuit?


If music is in your bones and rushes through your blood like heroine in a junkie, then you’ll know as well as I do that it’s hard to do anything other than that.

The thing is, success in a musical career is not only down to talent, hard work and perseverance, but its also down to luck, who you know, and the right place/right time scenario.

The hard fact is that most musicians I know, including myself, have to work another job to be able to pay the bills, petrol costs to get to gigs and put food (or most importantly, beer) in bellies.
I dislike this job.
It is merely a tool that allows me, financially, to do what I love most of all. And I stick at it because I know I can pay the bills and the fuel and keep my little van warm at night. But what if our “day jobs” are holding us back?
What if we’re missing out on meeting the right people at the right time because we’re at work serving coffee to old ladies all day? It’s the risk most of us take and some may argue we’re playing it safe.

But what if we quit our day jobs and vowed to ourselves to make an actual living from what flows out our veins, fingers and mouths. Yes we’d work hard, every minute of the day, busking in the cold and rain, playing any gig we could (even if it meant playing a whole covers set) just to make sure we had enough money to keep on doing what we love. This i guess, is the high risk route.

A wise lady once said to me “You will be successful. As long as you follow your heart and do what you love always, you will be successful”.

Maybe it’s time to jump in and risk it, even if its just for a biscuit. I do like a good biscuit.

Sheer accidentally take over The Ocelot!


It was to my complete surprise and awe to find in this months OCELOT magazine, a wonderful feature on SHEER MUSIC

Gig Monkey aka Ed Dyer has taken the trouble to write a lengthy piece praising our hard work for the past decade, which can be found on page 52 of Novembers issue. I won’t ruin it for you, so go have a read! 

Earlier in the issue, on page 49, is an excellent live review of our Crazy Arm show at The Lamb in Devizes, back in September – written by recent Sheer recruit, Rob Escott. Rob now has his hand firmly in with the Ocelotters, so we’re going to see more of his work. We’re also going to hear more of Rob, as he trots out a weekly radio session, every Wednesday on Melksham Town Sound, between 8 and 9pm, playing his favourite punk rock…

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Human nature.


Restoring the faith: 

The lovely lady who picked me up on my walk back to my van after a gig last week. I had two miles to walk in the pouring rain, with a heavy guitar, leads, and no rain jacket. What an incredible kind hearted lady. 

Killing the faith: 

Being stuck at a junction for twenty minutes, because no one can spare seven seconds of their time to let anyone out


Got to take the highs with the lows.


Country music and handmade presents….


Like most other independent musicians, Christmas is not only the time of cheer and joy, but also a time of even larger skint-ness in our ever poorly lined pockets of the one pair of jeans we own.

But this year I have a cunning plan; homemade presents! Yes, everybody I know will receive a badly crafted and embarrassing photo collage, some tatty but personalised bunting made out of my old t-shirts or pair of socks so terribly knitted that you cant find the hole to put your foot in. Don’t snigger! This is the perfect plan. People love homemade stuff, it makes you seem thoughtful and caring and they’ll go all soppy just thinking about how long it took you to create such a masterpiece from left over loo-roll tubes. It’s a win-win. Trust me. 

Which is why today I have spent approximately 6 hours listening to Townes Van Zandt and crocheting these cosy beer holders for dad very lucky Dad. I’m not usually a country music kinda gal (infact, I think you’d be surprised at how long I could rant about the terrible repetitive dronenyness of every song with a southern American accen!) but today it worked. Don’t ask me how, but today crochet and country went hand in hand. A real food for the soul day. 

So next time your planning on hitting the crazy Christmas shops to waste your money on things your loved ones don’t need, just stop and think. Sit down. Relax. Get out your needles. (No not those ones, put those back). Let your creative soul free to spin and dance in the winds of poor fortune. Chew some corn. And listen to country to your hearts content. Just don’t tell too many people.